Comfort Cool 52969 D Ring Wrist Right

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Comfort Cool D-Ring Wrist Splint, Size: XL, RightCool, lightweight support provides cumulative trauma relief. Made of 1/16 (1.6mm) perforated neoprene and lined with terry cloth. Provides excellent support without excessive bulk or warmth. Latex free. Ideal for wrist disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and tendinitis. Aluminum volar support is pre-bent for 15 wrist extension and can be removed for adjustments. Circumferentially designed with double-layer cotton stockinette under D-ring closures for comfort and easy application. Attach Comfort-Gel Pads, for added scar care or padding. Regular is approximately 7 (18cm) length. Hand wash and air dry. To size, measure wrist circumferenceXS: 5 to 5 (up to 15)S: 5 to 6 (15 to 17cm)M: 6 to 7 (17 to 19cm)L: 7 to 8 (19 to 22cm)XL: 8 and over (22cm and over) Product photo may not exactly match the product offered for sale. Please refer to the product description.