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Color:Black SPIDERTECH Precut Full Hip Spider is an Innovative AthleticTherapeutic Sports Kinesiology Tape manufactured using the proven tapeproducts of Nitto Denko, makers of the original Kinesiology Tape. ENGINEEREDin collaboration with top Medical Professionals, Chiropractors,Physiotherapists and Sports Trainers PATENTED PRECUTS - so that you can easilyreproduce your applications quickly rather than being restricted by rollsHYPO-ALLERGENIC and Latex-Free to reduce skin irritation and outbreaks. NOWAVAILABLE IN GENTLE material- SpiderTech Gentle has been developed especiallyfor individuals with sensitive or fragile skin, including infants and seniors.The patented new Stratagel adhesive is latex-free, hypoallergenic andapplied to soft, breathable cotton material. EASY TO USE, drug-free, enhancesperformance, is waterproof and lasts up to 5 days HIP Spider helps with thefollowing: 1. Acute Hip Strain, Pain & IT Band Issues 2. Improved HipStretching, Balance & Flexibility 3. Improved Hip Stability, Flexibility &Circulation 4. Hip Flexor and Thigh Injuries 5. Support Hip & Strengthen CoreMuscles Knee taping is a common way for athletes to prevent injury and helpmaintain an athletes ability to perform. When an athlete tapes their knee, itpromotes a conscious effort to treat that body area with care. UsingKinesiology tape, knee instability can be improved, as can shaky joints ormuscles that may be overly tired. Knee support for runners is crucial toproper form and endurance.