Powerflex 2"


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Powerflex is the newest and most versatile recent development in athletic
tape. Because it does not have adhesive, it does not stick to skin and can be
used in place of prewrap, but because it sticks to itself it can be used to
hold gauze pads and bandages in place. Powerflex is often used in medical (and
veterinary) settings to hold catheters or IVs in place. Also, because of the
wide variety of colors it is often used for wrapping wrists and equipment in
team colors or for causes (i.e. pink for breast cancer awareness). The 2" tape
is ideal for smaller areas such as wrists or hands. Although Powerflex does
not provide the support of a typical athletic tape, it is ideal for situations
where flexibility is more important than support. The unique self-adhesive
design is strong and will generally need to be cut off like typical athletic

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