Your Carry-On Travel Essentials During COVID-19


Your Carry-On Travel Essentials During COVID-19

The world is opening up and so as the economy, but, still we are far from winning the battle over coronavirus, which has bring life to halt in the recent past months. The only major defense that we have to deal with this deadly pandemic are basic hygiene practices like washing hands with soaps and sanitizer, wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing.

But still, wondering about where to buy medical supplies online? Well, Vesalius health is all geared up with the best COVID-19 essentials to ensure your safety and hygiene to fight against the virus.

During such a situation, we must follow all precautions to ensure the safety of others as well. One such precaution would be to non-essential visits to market and travel.

Although we should avoid going outside the country or city for unnecessary trips and travels there might be a time when you cannot avoid travel, be it a visit to a different state or traveling international.

So here are some essentials that you must carry while traveling during COVID-19.

Face Masks

Talking about the most important item during this period is Face Mask. Wearing a Face Mask while traveling outside is a ‘new normal’ and is a must. It acts as a protective shield between your nose, mouth, and virus. From our online store, you can opt for an N-95 mask and reusable mask as well, and make sure you carry extra pieces with you, just in case you will need it.

Hand sanitizers

During travel, you might come across several places or things that you can't avoid touching. There are even high chances that you might not find a bathroom to wash your hands. Since it is not possible to completely avoid touching anything but you can always have an option to keep away germs by using hand sanitizer. You can buy 75% alcohol-based sanitizer bottles from our online store and carry one bottle in your pocket or handbag while stock a few more in your luggage. It is always advisable to carry a pocket hand sanitizer bottle for easy access.

Hand gloves

Nitrile Gloves are one of the other options to keep your hands clean and avoid touching the skin directly to any surface. Even though they are not mandatory but using the one is always a better option to be on a safer side.

Disinfectant wipes

Always carry a packet of disinfectant wipes with you. Disinfectant wipes are bleach-based cleansers that help to clean various surfaces that you might touch. While traveling, you can use them to clean the seated area including armrest, backrest, and meal tray. While traveling through the car, use these disinfecting wipes to clean the door handle, steering wheel, dashboard, and seat belts. You can choose your pack size by visiting our online medical store.

First-aid box

Although the first aid kit contains basic medical equipment it might prove useful if you will fall sick buy any chance. Fever, cough, shortness of breath, and sore throat are common symptoms of COVID-19. You can carry a thermometer and oximeter to keep a constant check on your health. This will help you and avoid any kind of chance of spreading infection around.

To conclude further

Although it is advised to not travel, if it can be avoided, some of you might not have any other option. Therefore, it is necessary to take all essential precautions against COVID-19. The current situation is tough to fight, but we can sail through this only by keeping our mental well-being healthy while taking care of your physical health. With Vesalius's health to serve you during this pandemic with all essential supplies, you need not worry about where to buy medical supplies online. Our team is working constantly to ensure your safety during this crisis.