Various Physiotherapy Equipments at Single Window


Various Physiotherapy Equipments at Single Window

Physiotherapy equipment essentially treats through stimulating tissues in our body by heating, massage, stretching, passing current and exercising for an improved motion of limbs, etc. If you are a physical therapist and looking for physiotherapy equipment to treat disabilities and diseases of your patient then you are in the right place. We are the leading physical therapy equipment suppliers that manufacture and export electrotherapy equipment worldwide.

At Vesalius health, equipment is made of sturdy material that can withstand regular use by patients with a variety of body types and different needs. Our physiotherapy equipment is tested on various parameters to ensure their safety and utility in various sectors. Our range is highly demanded their user-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and reliability.

Highlights of our physiotherapy equipment

The right equipment is essential for physical therapists and patients. Choosing the right medical gear is not simple; however, we make it simple for you. You can choose and select the best equipment from the enlisted equipment on our physical therapy equipment store.

  • We adhere to the international standards and specifications.
  • Long life cycle of the equipment with the best performance throughout is our main motto.
  • At our physical health equipment store, we provide excellent equipment support.
  • We at Vesalius health ensure reliable after-sales services for our equipment.
  • Our technical support team even guide in the installation and placement of equipment at your place.
  • You can buy physiotherapy product’s complete range here, which matches industry standards, compliances, and requirements.
  • Our primary focus is to provide physiotherapy practitioners and customers innovative, reliable, easy to operate and innovative equipment.

Our physical therapy equipment range

You can buy physiotherapy product from our sub categories of physiotherapy equipment, which are as follows:

Electric muscle stimulation

Vesalius health sells various electric muscle stimulator devices to facilitate the strengthening of muscles after an injury like TENS, EMS, FES, and NMES, etc.

Portable trampolines

Our physiotherapy equipment includes a portable mini trampoline with adjustable inclines to strengthen leg and treat patients with a leg injury. 

Hot and cold therapy equipment

You can buy Heating pads and cold compression cooling pads, and cooling wraps to relieve pain and swelling in elbow and knees respectively from our physical therapy equipment store.

Mobility equipment

This equipment is used to improve strength and mobility. Our mobility equipment includes parallel bars and staircase trainers to strengthen lower body part and improve range of motion respectively.

Exercising equipment

We are big physical therapy equipment suppliers of exercise equipment like exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes and upper body ergometer, etc. Therapists to treat muscle and bone disorder or disability use this equipment.

Treatment tables

You need a comfortable table for treatment with sturdy material to hold heavy patient and comfort them during prolonged sittings. Vesalius health offers variety of treatment and examination tables for medical use.

Exercise balls and exercise chair

We sell a variety of exercise balls and chairs in various sizes and shapes at our physical equipment store. These equipment are great for in house physical therapies and for people of all ages.

Apart from these equipment mentioned above, our physical therapy equipment store offers an extensive range of other physiotherapy equipment as well. You can scroll through our categories to get a gist of the variety of equipment we deal with. Our equipment list is compiled under the guidance of expert physiotherapists, experienced orthopedics and physicians.

Overview At Vesalius health we understand the need for the right tools for optimizing the road to recovery and to stay in the best of your physical health. These equipment are not limited to clinics or hospitals only but the extent to individuals as well. We aim at delivering long-term tangible and intangible benefits to our customers and the community where we operate. We synergize quality raw material under expert supervision to provide you quality equipment. You can buy physiotherapy equipment here at affordable rates, for business or personal use, in bulk or single unit. Our flexible payment modes and fast delivery options are icing on the cake with superior after-sales service and on toes technical support team. We are reachable at emails, phones, and online chats. Here, we are eager to guide you in your rehabilitation journey in every way.