Train Anywhere With Best Portable Resistance Bands


Train Anywhere With Best Portable Resistance Bands

Power bands or resistance bands are a versatile, effective, portable, and affordable training tool that adds comprehensive benefits to fitness routines and rehabilitation. These bands are made of rubber elastic that increases your strength and stability during extension and contraction of muscles. Available in different levels of resistance, these elastic bands are your perfect workout partner anywhere and anytime.

The Vesalius health always aims to deliver versatile medical supplies to our valued customers with each product comes with educational content to help you in the journey of fitness and recovery. With the wide range of resistance bands available online, you can choose your type, which you can customize further by cutting the length according to you. Power bands are gaining popularity because of numerous reasons. Refer to the below pointers to ascertain which resistance band will suit you the most.

Buy from renowned medical equipment online store for that high quality and durable product offers. Poorly constructed resistance bands do not last long as they do not provide proper resistance and are often made with flimsy material. Don’t go for cheap resistance bands, as exercise is fuel towards a healthy life.

Check resistance level

The resistance level of the elastic band is determined by the color of the band. The resistance level is the amount of pressure the band offers during exercise. These bands are generally categorized in light, medium, heavy and extra heavy resistance. Good brands denote resistance bands based on the color that indicates the level of resistance.

Determine color codes 

The color of the tubes or bands you buy depends upon the results you want to achieve. At Vesalius's health, you can choose yellow color bands for light resistance if you haven’t workout since ages or a beginner or recovering from an injury. Go for a green color resistance band or loop for medium-level resistance of about 3.5-5.5 kilograms of resistance to increase muscle endurance and strength. Choose a blue resistance band if you work out regularly and need the resistance of 6 or more Kilograms. And if you are looking for high-level resistance of even more than 13 kilograms then go for a black color resistance band.

Determine your workout

Determine the type of workout you want to get engage in before selecting a resistance band. 120cms long tube with handles is suitable for performing chest, abdominal, upper, or lower back and arms exercise. Power bands with a loop of more than 100cms are recommendable for speed and strength training such as rowing, sprints, chest press, and arm exercise. You can use resistance bands for your Pilates session, yoga classes, strength training, and therapeutic purpose.

Pro tip: Buy Different Levels of resistance bands

By buying two or more power Bands, you can achieve a different level of workouts according to the level of easiness and difficulty. Make your workout more challenging by using different levels of resistance. Having two or more elastic bands will make your therapy session and workout more efficient. For small muscle groups, you can use lighter resistance weight while for larger muscle groups opt for heavy/extra heavy resistance.

Closing lines

Exercising equipment is bulky and requires extra space. However, if you don’t want to invest in those expensive machines and equipment then resistance bands are the most effective medical equipment online that you can put your money in. you can experiment by creating your personalized workout for your specific body needs. A resistance band is a complete workout tool for all fitness levels ranging from beginners to athletes, with the right exercise anytime and anywhere. Developed by experienced trainers and clinical experts, elastic bands at our store offer unbeatable quality standards concerning rehabilitation and physical fitness.