Toilet Aids For Bathroom Safety And Independence


Toilet Aids For Bathroom Safety And Independence

When accessing the bathroom becomes tough, toilet aids come to the rescue. Toilet aids are safe and mobility assistive tools that encourage independence among those who struggle to get on and off the toilet. If you are living with limited mobility and strength to access and use the bathroom and need support while using them, then toilet aids are an ideal choice. 

Vesalius health offers comprehensive home medical supplies online from where you can buy your toilet aids from commodes to sanitation wipes at the click of the finger.

Our Range of toilet aids

  • Raised toilet seats- many toilet seats are too low for sitting, especially if you have painful knees and hips or have flexibility issues. You can raise the height of the seat by adding inches with an elongated raised toilet seat
  • Some kind of support is required as you get up and sit down can make a big difference. For this extra, before and after support we have a toilet safety rail drive, a hinged support rails that get attached to your toilet seat.
  • We have driven commode buckets at our medical products online store for those toilet need during traveling .it will make your travel much comfortable, as you would be having your commode on the go.
  • If your bathroom doesn’t have that extra space or you cannot travel to the toilet then, a folding commode chair is for you. This commode chair is foldable and can be stored while not in use at the corner of your room or balcony.
  • Shower commodes for that seated position while taking a shower to avoid the risk of slips and falls.

Our other range of products includes commode liners to reduce splashing and odor, oversized toilet seat with lid, toilet brush, and Ersonal seat covers that help reduce clogging and liter and offer sanitary protection. You can place an order for these medical products online from our store for on-time delivery at your doorsteps.

Benefits of toilet aids

Improves safety while using a toilet

80% of falls and slips occur in the bathroom. Most falls occur while getting up or settling down on toilet seats. Toilet aid provides stability for anyone having difficulty in standing and sitting and thus provides a secure seated position on the commode.

Increase independence and privacy

A bathroom is a place where one needs independence and privacy, the place where we carry out personal activities in private. For people with limited mobility, dealing with the loss of independence can be difficult. For people with good upper body strength, a raised seat or extra side rails allow them to use the toilet without any assistance. For people who require support, portable commode chairs can be moved in to place, and then you can carry our tasks in private.

Light in weight and portable

Travelling can be tough for people with limited mobility. When you are staying in a hotel or a relative’s house, you want to feel confident. Your own portable drive commode bucket and foldable commode chair is a convenient and hygienic toilet aid. These portable toilet aids can easily be carried in the boot of the car and can be taken out when in need.


Toilet aid is essential if some of you or somebody at your home is having mobility issues or is unable to use the toilet like normal people. Toilet aids are essential medical products online, available with us that ensure complete safety and hygiene. The toilet aids that we offer enable you to access and use the toilet independently as well as ensures you have as much privacy as possible.