The Importance Of Correctly Choosing A Bandage And Bandaging Technique


The Importance Of Correctly Choosing A Bandage And Bandaging Technique

In the previous post, we discussed Compression Bandage – An Essential First-Aid Tool Bandages are not just strips of medicated material wrapped over an injured area. Bandages are used on wounds to prevent infection and quicken healing. They provide support and control excess bleeding. It is one of the essential supplies available in a first-aid kit. Bandages are placed over dressings to keep it in place over the affected area. The dressing is compressed to relieve pain and swelling in the injured area of patients. It provides immense relief and comfort to the person hurt.  Bandages are available in umpteen varieties and easily procured from medical online stores

Features of Bandages

A bandage is available in categories of adhesive, compression, and support. They are promoted under exceptional brands and used for different purposes.
  1. Tubular Bandage- Less flexible bandages are usually used as a dressing.
  2. Pliable plaster is handy for treating sprains and works as a deterrent against the medical problem edema.
  3. Compression Bandages- are generally used in affected areas where complaints of ailments of swelling due to the accumulation of liquids or injuries induced because of ruptured veins. Among the compressed varieties, there are
  4. Long stretch- easily flexed or stretched to a maximum of thrice the length of the bandage.
  5. Short stretch- the strips of bandage that are less flexible and stretch around 30% -60 % of its length.
Single-layer- It contains a layer of soft padding and provides better absorption and cushions in the area affected by the injury. Multilayer- Many layers of bandages are suitable for severe conditions of venous leg ulcers. Bandages provide comfort and apply suitable pressure on wounded areas so that healing hastens and recovery of patients occur steadily. Procure a variety of medical equipment online for speedy recoveries. Buy bandage dress online:

Benefits of Bandages

A Bandage is essential in a first-aid kit but ensuring it is worn well to aid in the quick-healing process. If applied wrongly it can hamper the healing and cause more damage than repair. Well-trained caregivers dress wounds appropriately and help in the early recovery of injuries. Bandages help in protecting the wound from contamination and infection. It is wrapped around the injury by the health worker and secured. In a quick time, the injury gets healed. Wounds that are severe and in delicate areas need extra care. Stockinette tubular bandages work well in areas such as injuries of the head or on the body located in a tender region. Injuries and hurts on the fingers are taken care of using bandages that shape accordingly to protect the thumb or fingers. The sticky-tape is applied to allow movement between fingers and toes. Tubular bandages are designed for fingers and are applied to the affected part with the help of metal enhancers that easily slide around difficult regions like the fingers and toes The applicators are available in different sizes to suit different body sizes. Buy tubular bandages here: Cohesive bandages are easily torn and applied on the area hurt. They can be removed by slipping off the finger or toe and allowing inspection of the wound. Buy cohesive bandages: Bandages for eye injuries are procured and applied without harming the delicate eye. Velcro tape is placed on the cheek and forehead to position the dressing on the eye comfortably. It can be easily removed when needed. Sprains and injuries induced because of damaged veins are cared for using multi-layered bandages and cushion the wounds providing ease and comfort to the disabled. Tubular bandages are applied conveniently to wounds or injuries on the wrist. The dressing can be slipped off when required and anchored onto the thumb for support. The plaster lasts longer and is economical in use. The application of bandages does not require highly trained caregivers. The method can be applied easily by persons having a little training. All one needs to do is access the medical online store and use the bandages in times of emergencies or trouble.

Reason to buy

Reasons to purchase the medical equipment online are enumerated below-
  1. The bandages are easy to use. No formal training is required to apply it to injuries.
  2. The intense training provided to caregivers is not very essential as the application of the bandages is easily understood step-by-step.
  3. The choice of the utility of the bandage has to be identified correctly to enhance proper recovery and better healing procedures.


1) Which bandage should I use for an injury on the finger? A Band-aid will be best suited. It will keep the dressing in place. The sticky-tape may be removed for a quick examination. 2) Where can I access the supplies of bandages? The bandages are easily procured from the online medical equipment and need no formal training for using it during any emergencies.