Little Ball –Big Wonder- Mini Fitness Tool!!!


Little Ball –Big Wonder- Mini Fitness Tool!!!

Are you not able to hit gym and any fitness class? Worried about your exercise regime?

Well, Vesalius Health has come up with a wonderful fitness prop under your budget, FitBall mini exercise ball. This mini exercise ball is a beneficial fitness tool that helps in muscle toning and increased stability. The Exercise ball is filled with air and is very light weighted. Make your fitness schedule fun-loving and interesting with our little exercise ball.

There are so many exercises that you can do with the mini exercise ball, which is often termed as a stability ball, yoga ball, swiss ball, or gym ball. Several instruction manuals are available online which can help you in guiding on how to include exercise ball into your fitness regime by incurring very little expense.

Workout alone or workout with your partner, mini exercise ball is an ideal workout partner.

Why you must buy our mini exercise ball?

You need not to be a gym trainer or a professional fitness expert to use an exercise ball. Buy exercise ball online to have your personal fitness tool with you at your home.

  • Roll out the ball at your back to relieve sore muscles or to support your neck or lower back during a workout.
  • Buy this 9-inch mini exercise ball for your Pilates session or floor mat activities.
  • Strengthen your core or abdominal muscles while doing some stretches with the exercise ball.
  • This mini exercise ball is apt for low impact aerobic activities and strength training schedules.
  • Your exercise ball can be used in some physical therapies as well for example to enhance the gross-motor skill.
  • Tone your inner thighs, glutes, and hamstrings

As this is all in one product for the muscle mobility of your whole body you must not delay in buying it. This ball helps in regaining lost strength due to sickness, injury or pregnancy.

Highlights of our mini exercise ball

We have been into fitness equipment business since more than a decade and every product that we offer comes from elite brands. Our mini exercise ball is from famous brand FitBall known for their exercise balls of various sizes and diameters. Lets see the diverse features of our product:

  • Easily inflatable and deflatable 9-inch exercise ball that fits even in your pocket when deflated. You can inflate the ball easily with straw and deflate it, once flat, easy for traveling. Buy exercise ball online from us and get straw and plug kit with it.
  • This exercise ball is made from PVC that can withstand pressure up to 700 pounds and do not slip.
  • The material used in this ball is BPA free, latex-free, non-toxic, phthalate-free, and hypo-allergic.
  • You can choose from three vibrant colors blue, berry, and purple, and make your workout session interesting.
  • Soft and lightweight and is burst resistant.
  • Fits easy even in the small corner of the house without disturbing your furniture setting and even do not harm your floors, unlike other heavy machines.


If you want to add some fun elements in your workout schedules and don’t want to pay much in those exercise equipment, then this FitBall mini exercise ball is the right fit for your home or workplace.

A whole body workout tool for low-intensity exercise is a must one should have to ditch those boring workout sessions. You can take your mini fitness tool in the park, on the travel tours and even on your work tours so that you won't miss your exercise.

Choose your color now from three color options and avail good discounts on the most renowned branded product.