Keep Your Hands Clean With Hand Sanitizer


Keep Your Hands Clean With Hand Sanitizer

We are attending the same words; wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay one foot away, sanitize your hands, etc since the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic. There is a lot of information available on the internet to prevent you and your family by taking necessary precautions while you are staying indoors and outdoors. The virus is just like an ominous spirit that can be found on different objects such as a table, door handles, chairs, bottles, and on every single public object. The pace in which virus has been spreading people have to be very cautious about the necessary preventive measures.

The most valuable mantra to keep you and your family safe from the virus is hand hygiene. According to health specialists; washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds on the clock is a basic thing people have to do. But you cannot just keep a soap & water bottle with you and start washing hands in the middle of the road. Or suppose you are on a bus; you touched various public objects; so, you can’t just stand in the middle of the rush and start washing hands on the door. So, to avoid these situations to be created; hand sanitizers are the alternative which kills 97% of the germs present on the hands. People can use alcohol-based hand sanitizers when they can't get soap and water to get rid of germs.

As this virus majorly spreads from the hands; therefore, hand sanitization is the basic way to avoid the infection. The use of hand sanitizer is crucial to swipe away the various germs present on the hands. Alcohol is used as a disinfectant for cleaning of germs and bacteria, it is recommended to use hand sanitizer having up to 70% alcohol. As the lockdown is prevailing all over the world, when people cannot visit the market for shopping these, they can easily buy hand sanitizers online with great deals. However, there are various benefits to using it.

Various advantages of using a hand sanitizer are:

  • Kills all the bacteria and micro organisms on the skin
  • Faster process; it evaporates quickly
  • It does not contain any side effects.
  • Easy to carry anywhere.
  • Stops the spread of infection
  • Easy and suitable to use when you are in outdoors; when you have lack of water and soap.

People must know the right way to use the hand sanitizers, so that, it wipes out the germs clearly. The right way to use it is; take a drop of alcohol-based hand sanitizer on your palm and gently rub it all over your hand, between your fingers & on the back until it dries off. But when your hands can be seen dirty or greasy; do not try to use hand sanitizer rather wash them with soap and plenty of water. As the prevalent virus spreads from person to person, hand hygiene, wearing masks is the most crucial measure to be taken care of to keep you and your family safe from this virus. One should be aware of when to sanitize hands in a day.

•     Wash hands before and after eating food.

•     Wash them before touching your facial area.

•     Wash them immediately after using mask and gloves.

•     Wash them after sneezing or coughing

•     Sanitize hands after dealing with the grocery shopkeepers.

•     Sanitize them before and after taking cash and coins.

•     Sanitize before and after using public transport

Moreover, pandemic COVID19 has affected millions of people to date. It has taken thousands of deaths all over the world. Therefore, people have to take care of the safety measures whether they stay inside or outside. They must buy hand sanitizers online immediately in case, they don't have purchased it till now, as well as should not get out of the home without these weapons to avoid the killing virus such as sanitizer, masks, gloves, etc.