Buying Guide To Medical Gloves- An Overview


Buying Guide To Medical Gloves- An Overview

With an increasing awareness of hygiene and sanitation, demand for disposable gloves has increased to manifolds. It has become essential in everybody’s life, be it a healthcare worker or non-healthcare worker to manage day-to-day activities.

Some of you might not be aware that disposable medical gloves come in two categories: surgical gloves and exam gloves, which are further classified into powdered, non-powdered, latex, vinyl, sterile or non-sterile. The selection may vary on the end-use.

Are you wondering from where to buy medical supplies online? How to choose the right one?

Read this guide below to choose the right gloves by taking into consideration types, performance, material, and usefulness.

How exam gloves are different from surgical gloves?

Healthcare workers like dentists, doctors, caregivers, and nurses use exam gloves typically during an examination to protect themselves against contamination. Vinyl and latex gloves are used for general purpose that involves low-risk procedures. 

While surgical gloves are medical gloves used by surgeons and operating nurses for higher accuracy and sensitivity. Both latex and nitrile gloves are used when dealing with high-risk situations. We have a wide range of surgical and exam gloves well stocked in our warehouse.

Sterile gloves and non-sterile gloves

Sterile gloves are used for surgical procedures and must meet the FDA standards with the acceptable quality level of pinholes. Non-sterile gloves are used for non-surgical procedures and activities, are commonly used by health workers. Sterile gloves are generally a little expensive than non-sterile gloves.

Look for both sterile and non-sterile gloves from our online store and select accordingly.

Making choice among powdered, non-powdered, nitrile latex or vinyl gloves can be bewildering for you while scrolling the options. Consider the below paragraphs to filter your choice.

Are powdered gloves better or non-powdered?

Cornstarch is a lubricant that is used in powdered gloves for easier slip onto the hands. However, the powder might impede the healing process when coming in contact with open wounds or exposed skin tissue. That’s why both health workers and non-health workers generally prefer non-powdered gloves. We do not deal in powdered gloves because they are no longer in demand.

Latex vs. vinyl vs. nitrile gloves

You can choose among vinyl, nitrile or latex gloves from our medical supplies, depending upon the use you are looking for. But, how are they different, and what are the areas of their usage?

Latex gloves are commonly available in both surgical and non-surgical gloves. They are highly durable and strong and are mostly preferred by surgeons because of high tactile sensitivity to touch.

If you are allergic to latex then you must go for nitrile or vinyl gloves.

Vinyl gloves

These gloves were designed for people with latex allergies due to excessive use of latex gloves. Vinyl gloves are non-powdered and odor free that can withstand all types of chemicals that are alcohol-based. If you are into examination procedure and are allergic to latex then vinyl gloves are the right choice for you that are economical and provide a standard level of protection.

Nitrile gloves

These gloves are commonly used medical gloves that give high-level protection and are chemical resistant. If you are a health worker and deals with harsh chemicals then this is the right choice for you to put money in.for example you can buy PMT Nitrile Exam Gloves – Powder Free available in 100 counts in one pack.

To conclude

When choosing protective equipment like medical gloves, the basis should be the assessment of risk. The characteristics and properties of gloves are vital areas to assess the risk. Now you need not think as from where to buy medical supplies online, Vesalius health has a variety of medical glove for every task and situation.

Decide your specification and needs, and then buy a couple of medical gloves to ascertain your future needs. Do consider the size chart as well before buying gloves so that it fits you comfortably.