Athletic Medical Tape-Athlete’s Armour


Athletic Medical Tape-Athlete’s Armour

Sports tapes or medical tapes are used during athletic activity to maintain muscles or bones in a stable position. This aids injury and reduces pain and support ligaments and capsules from abnormal or excessive movements. It improves the strength and eases of mobility. It’s a must-have in physiotherapists, sportsperson’s, and sports trainer’s medical kit to maintain the shape of athletes.

We provide you with a varied range of athletic taping supplies to choose from. Each and every medical tape is designed strategically to provide support, reduce swelling, lessen pain, and improve overall efficiency.

Buy athletic tape online for ankles, wrists, elbows, and knees to help minimize instability, hyperflexion or hyperextension during strenuous activity and for added support during rehab. Buy it now. Buy it here!!!

Benefits of our athletic tape

With our huge variety of athletic taping supplies, you can get the supplies at your doorstep at one click. Athletic tape plays a dual role in prevention and recovery. Let’s see how it can act as a shield to your body:

Prevents injury

In Contact sports or collision sports, athletes often get collide with each other or any inanimate object, which causes severe injuries. Athletic tapes act as a preventive measure to curb this extrinsic factor in sports.

Manage injury

Athletic medical tape is often applied in case of chronic injuries like turf toe, shin splits, etc. as well as managing severe pain. Taping supports injuries at the muscle-tendon units by compressing and limiting movement and secure protective pads, dressings, and splints. The tape helps an athlete to return back to activity after minor injuries and thus prevent further harm and injury.

Buying these athletic tapes online from is a wise decision; here you can scan through hundreds of options to choose the right kind for you. Although, athletic tape is available in medical stores these stores lack variety. As a sportsperson, you understand the need for athletic tape and know the target Areas where actually you would need to apply. You can buy such athletic tapes online with a wide category to scan through.

Athletic medical tape options we offer

You can choose from our wide range of athletic tape supplies. Here you can shop a huge selection of high performance tapes appropriate for specific situation.

  • Kinesis tapes, which are more popular these days, are available in a huge variety for various body parts, joints, and ligaments to mitigate pain and swelling.
  • Stretch athletic tapes where you need support but require a great amount of motion
  • Non-elastic medical athletic tapes are used where you need joint support as well as hinder your movement.
  • Abrasive tapes for elbows to avoid abrasion from synthetic surfaces.
  • Felt tapes like Mueller are applied without any adhesive and act as a barrier to the skin.

Vesalius health offers superior quality athletic tapes supplies at affordable and discounted prices on individual and bulk orders. We provide skin-friendly and irritation-free medical athletic tapes for uninterrupted activity. Medical practitioners and physiotherapists can stack these tapes in bulk to facilitate their patients. Buy our athletic tape online for ankles, wrists, elbows, and knees to help minimize instability, hyperflexion or hyperextension during strenuous activity and for added support during rehab.

Our specialty

  • Latex-free athletic tape designed to mimic human skin and wave-like patterns to allow airflow.
  • Custom made a medical athletic tape for sensitive and allergy-prone skin
  • Tapes for patients to treat and target unique needs and specific ailment.
  • Affordable prices and easy delivery options.

We have categorized our athletic taping supplies into different categories for your convenience and understanding. We offer value packs on our supplies as well to ease the load on your pockets.

To summarize

Medical Athletic tape is a boon for sports enthusiasts and professionals who engage in rigorous athletic competitions and training. Let your injury and wear tear not hinder your performance because at Vesalius health we care. You can buy athletic tape online on our website by filtering large categories to choose from, for your particular specifications.