6 Features To Consider While Choosing A Wheelchair


6 Features To Consider While Choosing A Wheelchair

Wheelchairs are being widely in demand to enhance mobility and comfort in certain medical conditions. And buying suitable can be very overwhelming. You will use this mobility device daily for you’re to and fro activities and might need certain features that may vary according to your needs and choices.

‘The thumb of rule- ‘fit for all’, doesn’t fit in a wheelchair. There are many options and customizable features available in wheelchairs nowadays.
We will help you in choosing the right wheelchair from our various medical equipment online available in the best brands. But before that, it is better to consider specific features that you much ascertain while buying a wheelchair that will impact your comfort, easy mobility, and value for money.

Here are Six essential features you must consider while comparing options during your purchase:

  • Electric wheelchair or manual wheelchair

People who don’t have sufficient strength in their upper limb to propel the wheelchair due to some medical reasons use an electric wheelchair. Manual wheelchairs are for those who have a high degree of independence or can need a wheelchair occasionally or temporarily.

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  • Size and dimension of wheelchair

Size, dimension, and weight resistance of a wheelchair are focal areas to consider choosing the one. Your age and height and weight should be taken into consideration. Be sure you check the width and length of the seat while buying. Consider the weight and height of the chair as well, for proper back support according to your needs. Choosing between a foldable or rigid wheelchair is also an important decision.

  • Wheel

The wheels you will choose should match with your mobility needs. For instance, choose sturdy tires if you are going to use it for frequent outdoors. Go for tires that require low maintenance and will not get flat with time. Look for grip as well if you are dwelling in a hilly or moist area.

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  • Footrests and armrests

Arms and footrests are designed in wheelchairs to provide extra support and comfort to the patient. Being seated, or shifting in and out of the chair armrests and footrests provides enhanced support., There are a variety of options in armrests and footrests. Wheelchairs come with detachable armrests and footrest options also.

  • Transportation and storage

Your wheelchair must be easy to store at some convenient place when not in use and should be easy to transport during transits, for example, if you travel by car, train, or aircraft, it should be foldable and light-weighted. So ensure that your wheelchair meets your storage and transportation needs before purchase.

  • Back and head support

The amount of back and head support depends upon the severity of your medical condition, size, mobility, and other factors. If you are looking for chairs with an adjustable back or tilt feature, then there are various options available with us. Chairs like power wheelchair trident have been designed to meet the diverse needs of most of the people.

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There are multiple reasons you may need a wheelchair. It could be temporarily, occasionally, or permanently. Its usage and needs mainly will help you in deciding while considering the salient features at the same time. The Vesalius health advises you to consider the above-mentioned guidelines while buying a wheelchair and find the best one matching your needs. For any further assistance, our online experts are always on their toes to guide you.